Withdrawal Symptoms of Weed

Marijuana has come a long way in terms of its legalization. Even its distribution is being done the modern way and seeds can be grown at home. Seed Banks such as Sonoma Seeds are in the front line of providing quality seeds and creating new strains that would entice both growers and users alike. It’s no wonder that the given freedom of consuming and selling cannabis without the consequence of breaking the law, has led to the rise of more consumers.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Weed

Despite marijuana’s medical benefits and being called a soft drug, it still contains addictive properties that may harm heavy smokers. Quitting is one of the greatest challenges of addiction and it is not just because of the constant impulses but the withdrawal is a tedious process. Some users might not even notice that they are going through a withdrawal. The following are symptoms to look out for:


One of the initial symptoms of a withdrawal is the constant urge of using or doing whatever they were addicted to again. In fact, a study shows that 75% of those who tried to quit experienced that their bodies were extremely craving for cannabis. Each individual does not have the same level of craving intensity. Some may be able to have a difficult time pushing the thought away and some may only have mild cravings that do not occur often.


Abstinence of marijuana may result in heavy mood swings. The effect varies for every individual and can go from manageable irritations to extreme levels wherein users feel rage most of the time and can even lead to aggressive tendencies. 


Aside from the recreational uses of cannabis, it is also known for its medical benefits. One of these is alleviating mild to moderate anxiety due to the uplifting and soothing effect that some marijuana strains possess. Sonoma Seeds offer a wide variety of these strains and descriptions are provided to help users decide the best seed suitable for them.Ironically, anxiety is also a symptom of  cannabis withdrawal. Although it is normal to feel fear, heavy users who stop using may experience it more frequently after a few days of sobriety. 


The feeling of sadness is not an unusual emotion and it is necessary to acknowledge and understand this in order to manage it better. However, for some individuals this emotion is uncontrolled. Depression is an illness wherein an individual often feels sad, which leads to lack of motivation, having a hard time focusing, too much or too little sleep, and lack of appetite. Once users cut off cannabis in their system, they may experience mild to moderate depression stay for a week. Consulting a professional needs to be done when your anxious state lasts for more than a week as the anxiety might be a pre-existing condition.    

Sleep Problems

During the first few weeks of a cannabis withdrawal, research shows that 46.9% of users have experienced insomnia, excessive sweating during sleep, and even weird and deranged dreams. They state that their dreams consisted of scenarios where they were smoking marijuana. According to past pot users, sleep problems may take months or even years before it completely wears off. 


Most seed banks such as Sonoma, have listed headaches as a side effect of consuming too much cannabis. It is not a common symptom during a withdrawal but, for those who experience this, it can last for a whole week or even months. The first three days bring out the mild pain and it becomes more intense during the 4th to 6th days.

Other Physical Symptoms

The physical side effects that go with cannabis withdrawal fades faster compared to the symptoms mentioned above. The following are examples of these:

Although it is not wrong to go through withdrawal by yourself, it is still important to ask for professional help in order to prevent inflicting both physical and psychological harm to your body. When taking cannabis, it is important to know the side effects and limitations beforehand. Sonoma Seeds provides detailed information for every marijuana strain available on their market. Proper research and enough knowledge about the downside of taking weeds is necessary to somehow minimize the abuse of this substance.

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