What is Peanut Butter Breath Strain?

Peanut Butter Breath, or also known as the Peanut Butter Cup, is a rare balanced hybrid that consists of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It is the result of a crossbreed between Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath–both popularly known strains found in Northern California. This strain is very potent and is considered as one of the highest THC strains available on the market. In The Emerald Cup Karma 2018, the Peanut Butter Breath won third place in the Mixed Light (Greenhouse) category, and in 2019, it brought home the gold at The Karma Cup. 


Flavors and Effects of Peanut Butter Breath

The Peanut Butter Breath tastes like its name with the combination of a nutty, fuel-like flavor, and a tinge of sour notes that will remind you of the good old peanut butter leaving the users wanting for more. 

This strain is dominantly on the Indica side thus, users may initially experience a mental high and soon after, a relaxing and soothing feeling that spreads throughout the body that often leads to a couch-lock. Its THC level is around 18% to 28% making it one of the highest THC strains. Not only does it have a high potent level but it also has a long-lasting effect that lasts for 2 to 3 hours thus, it would be best to use the Peanut Butter Breath strain at night or during lazy days.


Medical Benefits of Peanut Butter Breath

Like any other cannabis, the Peanut Butter Breath strain is not only used as a recreational drug but it also offers medicinal properties. It can be used to increase the appetites of those who have eating disorders due to the munchies effect that this strain offers. Given that the Peanut Butter Breath strain can uplift the outlook and calm the nerves, it may relieve patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Lastly, for individuals experiencing chronic pains, nausea, and headaches, this strain can help alleviate those as well.


Negative Effects of Peanut Butter Breath

As the Peanut Butter Breath is one of the highest THC strains, individuals who are sensitive to THC, should consume this in moderation. The most common side effects of cannabis are the dry eyes and dry mouth which can be prevented through hydrating one’s body prior to the session.


Growing Peanut Butter Breath

The Peanut Butter Breath strain was produced by the ThugPug Genetics who are quite protective  with their strains. It would be a miracle to get a hold and plant their seeds at your home. There is no available information about its yield but the flowering period is around 56 to 70 days. The nugs of this medium sized plant resemble that of an olive or grape and have a light green hue with green and purple leaves. A glistening layer of trichomes cover the nugs, a testament of its high potent levels, with some red-orange pistils. This beauty is a marvel to look at and although the exact amount of yields are unconfirmed, its dense buds is proof that growers may reap high amounts.

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