What does Severe and Chronic pain do to a person?

Severe and Chronic Pain affects every facet of your life. This includes the person’s physical well-being, mental health, and more importantly their social life. This can be very devastating when not addressed immediately as it can lead to more serious long-term effects for that individual. A person suffering from chronic pain typically focuses their medications on alleviating the physical aspect of the pain and fail to address, or don’t even recognize the effect this is doing to them psychologically. Ignoring the detrimental effects of chronic pain on the mind can be a serious problem. The mental stigma associated with chronic pain may even be more difficult to manage than the physical disorders themselves. With the recent legalization of medical marijuana across several states in the US and Canada, weed has a very big influence on addressing both the physical and mental issues related to chronic pain. Some strains offer a combination of sedating and mood uplifting properties which may aid in treating both physical and mental aspects of the chronic pain syndrome. Well known reputable seedbanks such as Sonoma Seeds offer such hybrid strains. This legalization has also allowed the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries all over the legalized states to offer such cannabis strains. 

What is Chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a type of pain disorder that goes on for longer than six months despite continuous medication or treatment. Unlike acute pain, this agony does not go away immediately and it lingers for quite some time. This often leads to the individual getting moody and feeling angry and irritable. This may even lead to depression.

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Let’s take a close look at the mental effects that are brought about by chronic pain.


When depression sets in, the individual has a hard time sleeping, they rarely socialize, and they can hardly work. This is all due to the pain they are constantly feeling. Individuals usually lose interest and feel sad and due to this, they find it difficult to concentrate. Having pain issues also lead to isolation which makes it especially hard for your close friends and relatives.


Chronic pain makes sleeping difficult as the person is in constant physical pain. This sleep disorder impacts the persons’ concentration, fitness, relationships, and even digestion. Insomnia is also known to heighten feelings of depression and anxiety. 


Worrying too much due to everything related to the individual’s chronic pain causes anxiety. One worries about the pain when it will go away when they should see a doctor. The obsession of worrying about the disorder will eventually cause the individual to have an anxiety disorder, which may lead to panic attacks.


Fatigue is very different from being very tired. Fatigue makes the person feel tired n both the body and also the mind. Constantly thinking about the pain will keep the mind forever thinking about the implications and what-ifs. An individual will try to appear that everything is ok but mentally, this can be exhausting. Studies have also revealed that as the body combats the inflammation by releasing chemicals, this can be very taxing to the body.


These mental illnesses, combined with the physical suffering of an arthritis patient make the person so much different from what he was before he suffered this damaging pain. It has hampered his ability to function as a normal individual, his social life is in disarray and most importantly his mental state has various disorders that may lead to more damaging effects soon.

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