What are seizure disorders?

A seizure is an abrupt, uncontrolled brain electric disturbance that leads to involuntary movement, behavior change, mood swings, and loss of consciousness. It can last between thirty (30) seconds to two (2) minutes, or in some extreme cases, more than five (5) minutes.  The most common seizure disorder that is caused by two or more consecutive seizures in a day, not brought on by identifiable elements, is known as epilepsy. 

Seizures are typically caused by several things such as a stroke, infection, head injury, illness, strobe lights, and more. Unfortunately, most cases of seizures are caused by unidentified elements. Seizures can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Individuals with seizure disorders may find it difficult to perform properly in social settings, land a job or even get a driver’s license and insurance.

Complications such as falling, injuries, car accidents, drowning, emotional health issues, heat exhaustion, brain damage, pregnancy dangers, and death may happen anytime to anyone. Consulting with a doctor is important especially if the seizure has lasted more than five (5) minutes, had led to difficulty in breathing or unconsciousness.

Various types of seizures vary depending on where in the brain they started, visible symptoms presented, how far the seizure has spread, and its severity. These seizure disorders are classified under two (2) categories:

A seizure is classified under the Focal Seizure category when it is caused by a disruption in only one part of the brain. There are four (4) common types in this category. The first is called the Motor Focal Seizure, wherein individuals will experience jerking of the face, neck arms, and even feet. Next, is the Sensory Focal Seizure, wherein individuals will experience hallucinations, hearing impairments, and olfactory distortions. Moreover, the Autonomic Focal seizure is determined when individuals experience involuntary functions such as increased heart rhythm, increase blood pressure, and even loss of bladder and bowel functions. Lastly, the Psychological Focal Seizure is when an individual experiences a sudden change of emotion or moods. These types of Focal Seizures may translate to Generalized Seizures.

On the other hand, a seizure is categorized under the Generalized Seizure category when it is caused by a disruption in both parts of the brain. There are six (6) common types in this category. The first is called the Absence seizure which is commonly experienced by children. Common symptoms of this type are staring spells, loss of awareness, lip-smacking, and eye blinking. Next, is the Tonic Seizure, wherein individuals experience muscle stiffness, causing them to fall. On the other hand, the Atonic Seizure, also called a drop seizure, causes an individual to collapse due to muscle control loss. Moreover, the Clonic Seizure is experienced when an individual starts repeatedly and rhythmically jerking their face, neck, and/or arms. Furthermore, the Myoclonic Seizure is when an individual experiences sudden short twitches of their arms and legs. Lastly, the Tonic-clonic Seizure is the most pronounced symptom of them all. Individuals with this seizure type often experience a sudden loss of consciousness, shaking and stiffening of the body, bladder control loss, and/or even biting of the tongue. 

A cure for seizures has yet to be completely developed, but promising research is slowly getting close to the holy grail. Therapy treatments, surgery, and electrical stimulation have been developed and recommended by most doctors to lessen and hopefully get rid of the seizures entirely. Also, most cases of seizures can be controlled with the proper medication such as anti-seizures, but they can be costly and can have dire side effects. Interestingly, one well-known anti-seizure medication that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration that is derived from cannabis is called Epidiolex. This groundbreaking medication has inadvertently paved the way for medical marijuana to be a strong alternative medicine contender that can treat seizures and even epilepsy.

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