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Good Medicine is a perfect name for this Sativa-dominant hybrid, for it is what most reach for when looking for a strain with significant medical benefits. Created by Bodhi Seeds, this strain is a cross between Harlequin and Appalachia, which is a cross between a Green Crack and Tres Dawg. The ratio of 18% THC and 9% CBD levels make it not only great medicinal marijuana, but novice users should have no regret when they decide to buy Good Medicine strain. It has a sugary flavor that many cannabis users highly favor. Apart from the raved medicinal properties, Good Medicine also provides excellent recreational effects through a gentle cerebral buzz without locking its users on the couch.


This incredible strain doesn’t only provide benefits to the mind and body but also provides a beautiful view in your garden! It produces medium-sized dark green flowers that cling together, ultimately forming pinecone-like shapes. To accentuate its flowers, the pistils give a pop of fiery orange and red colors. It has fewer resinous trichomes than average because of its low THC content. The buds evidently take their structure from Indica, which is known for producing tightly-packed, chunky buds with small leaves. 

Aroma and Taste

The flowers of Good Medicine have a strong earthy aroma with notes of dried leaves and hash. Users can expect a smooth and silky smoke that’s coupled with a delicious fruity flavor that tingles the tongue with hints of berries. On the exhale, the smoke is similar to its aroma, mostly herbal and almost medicinal. If this is not enough to urge you to buy Good Medicine strain, then its effects surely will.


  • Recreational

Its unique THC to CBD ratio, which produces a high that’s subtle and relaxing, makes Good Medicine a great strain for patients and novice smokers. A few minutes after smoking, users experience a headrush with a throbbing sensation around the temples, coupled with increased salivation. However, as these effects dwindle, physical relaxation takes over, effectively mitigating stress, muscle pain, and tension. Although Good Medicine provides only a mellow cerebral stimulation, those who go about their day after smoking this strain may find that they have an increased sense of focus and motivation. Since it doesn’t lead to a couch-lock effect, cannabis users buy Good Medicine strain for smoke sessions with friends or even solo sessions just to have a bit of relief from a stressful day.

  • Medical

Here’s where Good Medicine shines the most. Its high CBD level makes it more of a medical strain than a recreational strain. Its pervasive physical effects soothe chronic pains and aches regardless of whether it’s brought by an injury or medical conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia, or lupus. It has also been reported to distract patients with mood disorders like anxiety and depression temporarily. Patients who are sensitive to THC are encouraged to buy Good Medicine strain for its low THC content.

  • Negative effects

Although this strain provides mellow and manageable effects, smokers should still be wary of their doses and avoid overindulging in Good Medicine for its intense body buzz may cause more harm than good, especially to those with panic disorders.

Growing Good Medicine Marijuana Strain

The Good Medicine strain may be grown successfully both indoors and outdoors. It is a medium-sized plant, so room space shouldn’t be much of an issue except when the area is truly limited, like indoors. To manage its height, it is advised to shorten the vegetative period or top the plant early. Soil is usually the sought-after medium for this plant, for it brings out the full flavors of the bud’s terpene profile; this is why those grown on gardens and farms in a Mediterranean climate usually produce delectable buds.

  • Outdoor Cultivation

When opting to cultivate outdoors, growers should keep in mind that this strain calls for a semi-humid climate, consistent daylight exposure, and a temperature that ranges between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Good Medicine usually flowers during late October to mid-November in the northern hemisphere. Upon harvest, it yields at least 16 ounces of buds per plant.

  • Indoor Cultivation

The Good Medicine responds well to a Screen of Green setup when grown indoors. Like most Sativa-dominant strains, it usually flowers within nine to twelve weeks and produces medium to high yields.


Currently, Good Medicine is available only in its regular form, which means that it’s likely that at least half of the batch will be males. To encourage more female plants, growers are advised to adding more seeds and presoaking them overnight.


Indeed there’s nothing left to do now but to buy Good Medicine strain and experience what the rave is all about!

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Good Medicine Strain

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