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The Ice Cream Cake was produced by crossbreeding Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. It is an Indica-dominant strain that consists of 25% Sativa and 75% Indica. It offers a state of tranquility to its users with an amazing combination of flavors that melts through the palate resembling a vanilla ice cream. Its nugs are deep green in hue surrounded by thick orange-colored hairs and glimmering trichomes. This strain has a high level of potency that offers both harm and benefits to its users. It is important to buy effective strains from credible sources. Seed Banks now offer quality seeds that you may purchase and grow by yourself. They also provide guide articles that can widen users’ and growers’ knowledge about a certain strain and help them select the strain that fits their preference.

Flavors and Scent of Ice Cream Cake

You get what you expect with regards to Ice Cream Cake’s flavor. When lit, its fragrance has a pungent aroma with a tinge of vanilla and a sweet dough. Once smoked, the flavors become more eminent. It has a cheesy and creamy taste with a sweet nutty flavor and hints of a fruity and spicy notes that stay in your taste buds for a while leaving users wanting more.

Effects of Ice Cream Cake

The Ice Cream Cake is recommended to be used at night as it is very sedative. It starts off with a cerebral high that uplifts the mood and clears pessimistic thoughts and emotions making users more blissful. Slowly, a soothing effect flows through the body resulting in a state of couch-lock and then, it reaches its last phase of putting its users into a deep slumber. This strain is suitable for people who want to unwind from everyday stresses. For beginners, it is important to buy effective strains. Websites of seed banks provide details about the effects that each strain offers thus, helping you select the strain that you prefer.

Negative Effects and Medical Benefits of Ice Cream Cake

It is a known fact that cannabis is not only a drug used for recreational purposes but it also has medical properties that may be used as an alternative to treat some illnesses and the Ice Cream Cake strain is not an exception to this. As a mood booster, this strain may help alleviate mild to moderate depression by removing gloomy thoughts. Its soothing and relaxing effects may help patients who are suffering from anxiety and insomnia. The munchies effect of this strain may also help increase the appetite of individuals who are losing a drastic amount of weight due to eating disorders. Lastly, for patients suffering from nausea and chronic pains, the Ice Cream Cake strain may help ease these as well.


Side effects may still arise when using marijuana and the Ice Cream Cake’s high THC level of around 20% to 25% may not be suitable for individuals who are sensitive to THC. As this strain is also highly potent, users should consume it in moderation. The most common effects are the dry mouth and dry eyes which can be prevented through having a hydrated body before smoking. 


The Ice Cream Cake strain offers a wide range of advantages to its users but also offers negative effects that could harm unaware users thus if you want to buy effective strains that fit your current situation and needs, check seed banks online. They have descriptions of each strain’s characteristics and its advantages and disadvantages. 

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