Medical Marijuana for Severe Nausea

Sonoma Seeds Nausea is common in various types of age, lifestyle, and situation. Some medications and treatments produce side effects that also include nausea, like chemotherapy for those with cancer. It also occurs frequently to expectant mothers, especially during their first trimester due to hormonal changes. Motion sickness may also cause nausea and induce vomiting, […]

What Causes Multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms?

Buy Medical Marijuana Online Marijuana has been helping patients cope with different diseases for years now with its undeniable medical benefits apart from the recreational benefits that also bring pleasure to patients. Because of how great the impact of medical marijuana is on patients, countries have legalized it either in usage, cultivation, and possession. Among […]

Can marijuana cure Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)?

Cannabis is known to have medical benefits aside from its initial purpose of being a recreational drug. In fact, its healing properties are one of the greatest factors in the decision of some country to legalize it.The distribution of marijuana has come a long way as well. Sonoma is one of the many seed banks […]

What does Severe and Chronic pain do to a person?

Severe and Chronic Pain affects every facet of your life. This includes the person’s physical well-being, mental health, and more importantly their social life. This can be very devastating when not addressed immediately as it can lead to more serious long-term effects for that individual. A person suffering from chronic pain typically focuses their medications […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Dementia, commonly mistaken as a specific disease, is actually a general term that characterizes a group of symptoms on memory, thinking, and communication impairment that is related to cognitive declination. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia commonly experienced by individuals ages 65 and older, which degenerates the brain over time. Individuals with […]

What are seizure disorders?

A seizure is an abrupt, uncontrolled brain electric disturbance that leads to involuntary movement, behavior change, mood swings, and loss of consciousness. It can last between thirty (30) seconds to two (2) minutes, or in some extreme cases, more than five (5) minutes.  The most common seizure disorder that is caused by two or more […]

What causes Epilepsy and how to cure them?

Epilepsy is a known chronic disorder that causes recurring, unprovoked seizures due to an abnormality in the brain activity of an individual. It relatively has no identifiable causes in about 5 out of 10 individuals with this condition. However, epilepsy can be caused by age, head trauma, genetic influence, dementia, infectious diseases, brain conditions, prenatal […]